How Can a Sales Lead Program Help Your Bottom Line?

exclusive-sales-leads-houstonWe understand that nothing is more important than new business coming in the door and one of the ways we help is by providing EXCLUSIVE sales lead opportunities for our clients.

Studies have shown that the national closing average on incoming calls is around 20%.  Some sales staff are better at closing than others so the numbers will vary based on your industry, pricing, and of course sales ability.

So let’s look at an example campaign:

Roofing Company:

Average sale amount for roof replacement: $4,000.00

Leads purchased: 30 @ $50 ea. = $1,500

Let’s say they just closed 10% of the leads so 3 deals in the door for average price of $4,000 = $12,000 in new revenue based on a $1,500 lead cost.  This doesn’t even factor in the fact that many roofing companies do much more than just roofing, and can offer their other services such as siding replacement and gutters.

Here’s another example:

Handyman Service:

As we all know, handymen do a little bit of everything. So let’s say that they average around $300 per job.  Sometimes it is more, and sometimes a bit less, but this will serve for the example.

Leads purchased: 40 @ $25 ea  $1,000

A handyman will typically close 20% of their calls or greater.  Most homeowners are in a hurry to get things fixed if they are looking for a handyman.

So 40 leads @ 20% conversion = 8 jobs @ $300 per job = $2,400.

This doesn’t even take into account repeat business that a handyman will often experience.

Live Call Transfers (Hot Leads)

Unlike some of our competitors, when we generate a call from someone who is looking for your product or service, we will only pass that lead to one company that we are working with.  Many lead resellers in the marketplace will sell that same lead to 3 or 4 different companies.  So right out of the gate, you are paying to compete for that business.  Does that sound like a good deal to you?

The leads that we generate through various proprietary methods are live phone transfer style leads.  So for maximum results, you need to have someone available to answer the calls.

Another thing that makes Webstarz Marketing different from our competitors is that we only bill for a call that is over a specified amount of time.  We do not want to bill you for calls that come from other marketing companies, or from poorly qualified clients.

No Long Term Contract Required

Unlike other companies, we don’t mind earning your business each month.  We are interested in building a long term relationship with our customers.  We don’t require a long term contract. We will sign a working agreement with you that gives both parties the right to cancel the service with a 48 hour notice.

We will also set you up with a maximum agreed upon number of calls so that you will never have to worry about blowing your budget.  All calls are recorded and reports are sent to you weekly if you would like to review them.

So what are you waiting for?  Give Webstarz Marketing a call today and let’s get your sales lead program started today.


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