Boost Dealership Profits with Auto Drops

This new technology enables us to deliver your pre-recorded voicemail message directly to the consumers cell or voip phone.

For less than the price of a postage stamp, you can deliver a message that 96% of recipients will listen to. Think about it, how many of us don’t listen to our voicemail when we get a notification of a voicemail being left on our cell phones?

Think of Auto Drops as postage free mail.


Is this Legal?

Your first question is probably “Is this legal?”.

The simple answer is yes.  This is not a robodialer that calls people and potentially uses their airtime.  This is a computer to computer message that leaves a voicemail for the intended user.  Therefore it does not fall under the same rules that apply to robodialers.

In most instances, their phone will not even ring.  However if it were to ring, if they were to pick up, it would just be dead air.

Sample Buy Back Offer Campaign Ran in February 2016

Outbound Calls



Closed Car Deals

This was a buy-back offer to an in-house database. The dealer’s BDC handled all inbound calls.

Dealer PVR from this 9 day campaign…..OVER $70,000!

new car lot

Other Effective Uses of the Auto Drops Technology

  • Lost Service Recovery Campaign – Send out an offer for a low cost oil change, free nitrogen air, or something similar that will get people back into your service department.
  • Manufacturers Conquest List – Send out an offer to your dealer conquest list that you know your salespeople aren’t calling.
  • Thank You Calls – Send out a thank you call from the GM or Sales Manager thanking them for their business.
  • Special Events – Send out an invitation to a special event your dealership is holding.
  • Announce Recalls, Rebates and Special offers (Incentives)
  • Call Back Missed Sales – Send out a special offer to those people who left the dealership without buying. We all know that if you can get them back in the door…chances are they are going to buy.

6 Reasons Why Auto Drops Remain a Compliant Communications Service

  1. No phone call is made directly to a subscriber.
  2. A system to Voicemail server is established to “drop” the message.
  3. The subscriber is not billed for the call
  4. The phone does not ring. The network does not carry an active call (in rare instances a phone will ring once depending on carrier)
  5. The FCC defines voicemail as “enhanced information services”
  6. The FCC does not regulate enhanced information services.

Ringless Auto Drops are a form of direct voicemail messaging.  This is the abilitiy to leave a voicemail message directly into a subscriber’s voice mailbox without ever making a phone call, or ringing their phone line.

Our ringless auto drops have been specifically designed to be a non-intrusive form of communication and are 100% FCC compliant.

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